Det blå guldet som försvann

Bland veckans alla sporthändelser känns lördagens fotbollsmatch i Premier League mellan Southampton och Manchester City som en av de mer spektakulära. En på förhand helt vanlig fotbollsmatch som genom ett vingslag förvandlades till något extra ordinärt och oförutsägbart. Matchen spelade på St:Marys Stadium inför en fanatisk sjungande hemmapublik.

When the referee finally put his pipe in his mouth, suddenly eleven blue-clad players in Manchester City stood looking at the dark February sky. They looked at each other, their coach Roberto Mancini and they looked at their opponents, which in some strange way just made it a little harder to win league gold.

In advance and before the match started, Southampton was a team that, in the middle of an incredibly turbulent time, nevertheless brought some decent results. They had been kicked by the extremely popular coach Nigel Adkins (who was the one who brought Southampton to the  Premier League ) and replaced him with a Spanish coach in Mauro Pochettino. As if this was not enough to make the fans upset, they also took the opportunity to make friends with the icon and legendary player Matthew Le Tissier.

In other words, there were many, many who opposed that Southampton could perform at such a level that one could shake the very masters in the ground. The humble city supporter could most certainly find that there were also a lot of factors that also spoke out against Manchester City before this match. Among other things, a somewhat flawed form, injuries and dropouts of important players, as well as a somewhat shaky transfer window that resulted in the loss of Balotelli.

Prior to the match, nine points were different between one United and two City. Nine points, which according to Mancini itself does not mean much, as there are still relatively many rounds. The question, however, is whether Mancini has understood that it is also required that United lose nine points in order to take the lead? This year’s Manchester United is in many ways a different, stronger and more reliable team than last year.

Sure, the reader may remember that a similar situation arose last year. Then the blue ones stood on the podium in the end and celebrated the league title, so sure, Mancini may have a small score, but it is far-fetched anyway.

The match that it played was not a football party in the sense that it was about beauty, flair and brilliance. It was instead a match where individual mistakes got a face and where two English national team players saw for a few short moments lost like two amateur players who woke up way too late one Sunday morning. The players in question? Gareth Barry and Joe Hart.

Hardly had the match started before the said Barry showed what must be a hefty combination of physical and mental fatigue as he failed to do his defense work fully. His actions indirectly led to Southampton simply taking the lead. This would then prove to be one of three crucial individual mistakes that night.

The other mistake, though, was  Joe Hart  , as he completely sonika dropped a relatively easy-to-shoot shot from the gloves. Before Man City knew the word off, there were suddenly two zeros to the home team.

A counter-attack from Dzeko then gave some hope that City might be able to come back.

Unfortunately for Man City, for the benefit of Southampton and to the delight of all who love to follow the excitement of the Premier League to the bitter end, Gareth Barry came back to play the lead as he thoughtlessly rolled the ball into his own goal! The goal then meant 3-1 and an incredibly heavy psychological underpinning for the Blue. In many ways, perhaps without knowing about it, Barry may have illustrated how to shoot away the league gold on his own?

For Barry, Hart and the entire Man City, however, it is important to quickly recharge the batteries, break down and come again because there are two tough games waiting next. First out is the replay against Leeds in the FA Cup and then Chelsea are waiting in the league.

Although it has not been run in the league race yet, there is certainly not much to margin left now. A loss to Chelsea could very well be the devastating spike in the coffin. Hopefully, for City’s sake, both Barry and Hart have researched themselves, eaten a hearty breakfast and put on shoes and gloves on the right foot and hand.

To anyone who is a Saints supporter, born in Southampton or who simply likes to see the champions lose, just lift the hat and go. Anyway, the victory was, despite mistakes, nothing to be ashamed of!