Final I afrikanska mästerskapen

Nigeria har flera gånger fullständigt krossat sitt motstånd i Afrikanska mästerskapen. Även om det kanske inte går att använda just den beskrivningen för Nigerias semifinal vann man dock. Summerar man samtliga matcher känns det naturligt och välförtjänt att Nigeria har gått så långt som till final.
Burkina Faso – Nigeria 
May 16,2019

The fact that Nigeria could get to the final stage of the tournament was many experts agreed in advance. The fact that the current final opponents Burkina Faso could do the same was not quite as many as thought!

As for Nigeria, the semi-final was a tough match for Burkina Faso. Penalties were required to make the decision and there they won with the numbers 4-3. With the victory, Burkina Faso will play their first ever ever in the African Championships.

The odds show that the favorite cabinet rests on Nigeria (which stands as a away team) and a victory is currently just over twice the money. Burkina Faso is in excess of four times the money. However, a final is always of a special character and much can happen when many factors are involved.

Someone who has the chance to even out the odds for Burkina Faso’s advantage is the team’s big star, Jonathan Pitriopas, who plays in French Rennes everyday. The suspension (two yellow cards) that Pitriopas pulled for filming earlier this week has been lifted. The judge who handed out the warning acknowledged that he was missing.

The match starts tonight at 7 pm and is broadcast on Eurosport.

Today’s Game Tips:

Sport:  Football
Match / Event:  Burkina Faso – Nigeria
Origin:  African Championships
Games:  Under 2.5 Goals
Odds: 1.44
Game site:
Game Stop: 19.00

Under 2.5 mål